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Become an Education Sponsor 


With a NCS-Child-Sponsorship you support the education of one child in a six-month-class in English and computer skills in our Education Centre. A single donation of 40 €  covers the entire costs of this education, including the teachers' salaries, the teaching material, pens and books, water and electricity, etc.

After your registration for a NCS-Child-Sponsorship we will send you your sponsorship certificate and the donation receipt.

In our last course, there were 66 children enrolled; half of them were sponsored. We thank everybody who helped - and we hope, that there are many generous people who want to support the students of the coming classes.





With a NCS-Course-Sponsorship you can support the EDC and the persistance of the courses. With the help of your sponsorship we can enlarge and update our library, equip the class rooms, repare or replace the technology, mainly computers, which are fragile due to the climate, and host a growing number of students. Because of the infrastructural and climatic situation, new costly challenges arise every day. With a NCS-Course-Sponsorship you can help us deal with these challenges and continue with our work with an amount of money you choose yourself.

After your registration for a NCS-Course-Sponsorship we will send you your sponsorship certificate and the donation receipt and inform you about how your money will be used.


With your NCS-Long-term-Sponsorship you enable the education of one child per course. A monthly donation of only 6 € covers the costs for the teachers, the teaching material, water and electricity, etc.

After your registration for a NCS-Long-term-Sponsorship we will send you your sponsorship certificate (once) and a donation receipt (every six months).





A NCS-Gift-Sponsorship is a threefold gift: Yo give the good feeling to help to a warmhearted person you like, education to a child which would otherwise never learn whathe needs for his life, and you give thereby a better future to its family.

Simply tell us the name of the Education Sponsor to be. We will send you the sponsorship certificate respectively.

Do you want to become a Education Sponsor? 

Then please fill out the form below and send it to us. We will contact you as soon as possible and inform you about what will happen next.

All our Education Sponsors are also welcome at the Education Centre in Aluthgama. Should you plan your holidays or a business trip to the beautiful island of Sri Lanka, don't hesitate to contact us. We warmly invite you to be our guests.