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A sponsorship - why?

With the special education sponsorship of the NCS you can help children in Sri Lanka - and thereby also their families and the whole region.

Our education sponsorship aims at a sustainable improvement of the living conditions in Sri Lanka by ensuring a qualified education and further training for the younger ones. With a sponsorship, you open up the chance of getting a good education and thereby a better future to a child.

Become a sponsor and help a child to improve its own and its family's economic future - by a better education.

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The globalisation as well as the economic growth mean for a developing country like Sri Lanka, that  the international language English as well as computer skills are indispensible for those who want to get a good job. But only a few families in this country own a computer or speak a foreign language. At public schools, English and practical computer skills are rarely taught. That is why usually only children from wealthy families maintain a good education at expensive private schools.
In Sri Lanka, parents have to invest most of their income in their children's education. Children are the only economic coverage for the future of the aging generation. There is hardly any social support on the part of the Sri Lankan government. There is nothing like child benefits or a state-run retirement pension. A good education ensures a good job - and thereby ensures good living conditions for the parents when they are old.

For fishers, craftsmen, day labourers, etc., it is very hard to povide the essentials for their families. There is no money left for a further education of their children, which will later on have very little income themselves. For these families it is difficult to follow up the development of their country - the gap between the poor and the rich and between the uneducated and the educated is widening.

  What we do

In our Education Development Centre (EDC) in Aluthgama we offer further education to children from poor or tsunami-affected families. Here they learn English as well as basic computer skills for free. The courses last for six months each and end with official final exams. Next to the continuous tests that control the students' efforts, the children also have to pass this last exam in order to achieve the desired certificate.

With this education, we help these children to keep up with the development of their country, to brighten up their future and change the economic situation of their entire family.


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