Nature Volunteers - Sri Lanka

Friends and fellow organisations 






Kosgoda Sea Turtle Conservation Project

The Turtle Conservation Project (TCP) aims at achieving and preserving a certain number of the different Sri Lankan turtle species that are in danger of extinction. In order to achieve this goal, the TCP is implementing a sustainable conservation programme. It is based on the education of the local population and the tourists, on research, active protection and the integration of support given by the locals.

Our Nature Volunteers can work with the TCP in Rekawa or Koskoda. There, they tell locals and tourists about the turtles' needs, they protect the hatcheries on the beach and document and analyse the research findings.

This turtle hatchery – directly located at the beach in Kosgoda – shelters different sea turtle species in tanks. In specialised holding areas eggs are incubated, hatched , and then released as baby turtles into the ocean after dark..

Volunteers can help to feed the turtles, clean the tanks and care for tourists. Discover the world of sea turtles and learn a lot about their life!



                               Vier Pfoten  Dog Care    e.V

The aims of the Deiherm Organisation are close to those of the NCS, but with a focus mainly on the education of teenagers and adults. Deiherm teaches different handicrafts like the cooking of traditional dishes. The organisation also wants to strengthen the environmental awareness of the local population, so they concentrate on working with eco-friendly materials and techniques.

Nature Volunteers who work with the Deiherm Organisation do mainly what they do for the NCS in the fields of teaching and social care. But from time to time, there may be also a concerted project in the field of nature conservation

In Mihiripenne Talpe near Galle, a project managed by "Vier Pfoten Dog Care Clinic e.V." cares for street dogs. Our volunteers can help to provide them with food and to keep them busy by playing with or caring for the animals. From time to time, there are also little puppies in the Dog Care Clinic, which want to have attention – a really nice and interesting project for any dog-fancier!


Pahalage Orphanage

 Low Country C.B.O. Consortium

Close to our Education Centre in Beruwala, there is a girls' orphanage. This institution is supported by the organisation "Helft uns leben" (Help us to live) and the city of Neuruppin. With our volunteering programme, we want to assist this orphanage. The Nature Volunteers can spend time with the girls and sing, play, dance, etc. with them.

The organisation LCCBOC is seated in Deniyaya – a small tow inland, near the Singharaja rain forest. Mainly, they want to support the local population, e.g. with micro-credits.

The Nature Conservation Society works together with the LCCBOC concerning eco tourism in the Singharaja rain forest – creating concepts, planing tours etc. These are activities for volunteers.

We are proud to be in good contact with some other programmes and organisations. The NCS is following the maxim that only together the situation can be changed. That is why we do not compete against other relief organisations, but cooperate and support them.


Sunjaya Fashion (Pvt) Ltd & Education offers young women a qualified education in the field of fashion. The women learn how to produce high-quality Sri Lankan fashion - how to design them, make the prototype and sew them.

This education enables women to strengthen their self-confidence and to earn their own money.


The main target of the Austrian One World Foundation is to ensure a school and professional education free of charge for the local population. By this, the level of education of the children from poor families shall be improved.