Nature Volunteers - Sri Lanka


1.) What kind of visa I should apply for: Tourist, Business, or Working visa?                                    The easiest and fastest way is to apply for a tourist visa, which is ok for our place.

2.) Is there the possiblility to work in different projects one after another?                                       In general it is possible to work in several projects, one after another but also at the same time. An example: If you care for children in the orpahanage it will be in the afternoons (after school), in the mornings you might also work in our office or teach English at the EDC.

3.) Can I also extend my stay in Sri Lanka (visa)?                                                                                    In general you can extend your visa in Colombo up to 6 month all together. If you are not sure about how long you want to stay in Sri Lanka - just come here. With your arrival at the airport you will get a 30 day visa free of charge - it can be renewed afterwards for another 3 month (up to 6 month) in Colombo. 

4.) How are the working times?                                                                                                                     It is flexible and depends on your project. Are you working at the office with our management project you can choose the working time by yourself - e.g. you are working in the mornings and go for a swim to the beach closeby at the evening or have a nice trip with the bicycle at the weekend. When you are teaching the times are mostly fixed.

5.) Are there any experience reports from former volunteers?                                                              At the moment you can find some in our diary at the volunteering page on our homepage. You might also contact one of our volunteers and ask them directly.

6.) Is it possible to apply a short time before I want to come?                                                              In general it is no problem with us - as long as we have enough beds in our rooms. But often it is some difficult to get a flight and also to get the vaccinations right in time.

7.) Are the vaccinations an obligation?                                                                                                    No. We recomment to do these vaccinations. It is for your own safety. It is your own decision. If you don`t have enough time or in any case of emergency you can also make the vaccination here in Sri Lanka. The health system is quite ok and also the vaccine products (good products are imported).

8.) Where will be my accommodation?                                                                                                       In most cases our volunteers are accommodated in our education center (in the upper level) in 2-bed-rooms. in some cases, e.g. when you work in the orphanage or when our rooms are full you might also stay with a host family. But we will inform you before your arrival.

9.) I have a question concerning money. 340,-€ per month is a good offer. How much pocket money I should calculate for my free days additionally.                                                                         It depends on what you want to do, e.g. a small weekend bus tour or only with the bicycle to the beach close by. An amount of 20€ per day for your free days is a good calculation especially when you plan to travel around.

10.) When I fill your application form is my placement as volunteer guaranteed or is there any extra selection or application process?                                                                                In general with the filled application form from our homepage your placement in guaranteed. You don't have to apply again. Commonly everyone chooses a project which suites well or is most interesting. But it can happend that several volunteers like to work for the same project at the same time e.g. teaching - in this case we separate the work a little.  

Are all preparations finished e.g. flight, vaccinations, ect. we will send you a confirmation, a questionaire (with question about your heath and food) as well as important contact addresses and number