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Or do you want to support one of our manifold non-educational projects?

The Nature Conservation Society (NCS) is not only involved in providing a further education for the children from poor families, but also in nature conservation and animal protection. For this reason, the "Education Development Centre" in Aluthgama is also used for environmental education. Due to the enormous environmental problems of Sri Lanka, we want to sensitise the children with the help of an efficient programme of environmental education. Only altogether we can achieve our goal of sustainable environment conservation.

In cooperation with other organisations the NCS takes part in many projects and campaigns for active nature conservation in Sri Lanka. For more information about these projects, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. Your financial contribution to our projects is also very welcome. Simply name the project on your donation bank transfer. You prefer helping actively? Then have a look at the page about our volunteering programme.

Every kind of help is very welcome. Here you find a list of our current sponsors.

Current projects:

Projekt 1:  Recycling                                                                                            A significant portion of the Sri Lankan population dump their rubbish without thought or care for the environment. Either they throw it in the roadside ditches and in the woods, or they burn it without paying attention to the constituent parts. We want to create an efficient waste management and recycling system in our region in Sri Lanka, hoping to extend the system to the whole country.

Project 2: Solar cooker
The bigger part of the poor population cooks with wood or gas. The amount of wood that is needed daily is not only a severe health risk, but also one of the main environmental problems of Sri Lanka. With the help of the Solar Cooking School in Rheinbach, Germany and ADES, Switzerland we try to sensitize the local population  and increase their awareness of the problem. We teach alternative cooking methods in workshops and hope integrate the eco-friendly solar cooker in the daily life of the rural population.


Project 3: Re-cultivation
Many of the species of mangrooves in Sri Lanka are in danger of extinction and under protection. Still, the local population cuts them down in order to get firewood.

This project also is about increasing the people's awareness for the environmental needs and thereby build up a comprehen-sion for how and why to preserve nature. Beside that, we run - in cooperation with other organisations and with the help of our students - successful reforestations of endangered plant species.

Our bank accounts for your donation:

In Germany:     Name: LOTUS international e.V. (our partner organisation)

Volksbank Rathenow E.G. 
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In Sri Lanka:    Name: Nature Conservation Society (NCS)

                            Bank: Hatton National Bank (HNB) – Branch Aluthgama
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