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Start of the second semester

The second class started after a short break with a group of about 60 children. Considering the experiences with the first group, some modifications were made, e.g. simple tests were established after every teaching unit and the teaching of how to type on the computer was intensified. But the basic concept had proven its quality and was not changed. 

February 2007




First construction works on the first floor

After a break due to a financial shortage, the long-planned construction of the first floor could start. This level should include a spacious living area, especially for the volunteers.

April 2007



Beginning of the third semester

At the end of September, the third course started. This time, almost 100 pupils had enrolled and about 80 children and teenagers finally started. The students - aged between 11 and 21 years - were divided into three groups, depending on their age, in order to receive an optimal education.

September 2007 



 Handing over the computer certificates

After the final exams, the certificates were handed over to the students of the second course in a ceremony.

The ceremony was opened by the conductor of the EDC and president of the Nature Conservation Society (NCS), Mr. Chandralal Premakumara M.G. Then the certificates were handed over by several representatives of the city (e.g. the mayor), of the education sector (the secretary of the minister of education in the Western Province), of a Buddhist temple in Aluthgama, of the local Lions' Club and of the NCS. The breaks were filled by dances, singing, theatre plays and speeches that they children had studied all on their own.

At the end of the ceremony, the teacher for English and computer skills, Mr. Buddika Jayasinghe, thanked the children and their parents, the guests and above all the personnel and the sponsors for enabling this program.

October 2007 


 Organising the "Free Health Camp"

At the end of November, a day of free health care, called "Free Health Camp", was organised in cooperation with the "One World Foundation" (owf) and the "Turtle Conservation Project" (TCP) in Kosgoda (about 10 km south of Aluthgama). A medical team with doctors, nurses, diagnostic equipment and all relevant pharmaceuticals was ordered. The range of examinations was broad - from tests of blood, urine, blood pressure and blood sugar to cardiograms or surgical dressing.

Many people were already waiting for a free medical treatment when the doctors arrived. At the end of the day, about 550 locals were examined and medicated.

November 2007



 The first floor of the EDC is finished

In April 2007, the construction of the upper level of the EDC had started - the living area with a kitchen, dining room, bathroom and sleeping rooms for the staff, volunteers and guests. Due to long rain periods, the construction had to be interrupted several times and could not be finished before the end of December.
The equipping of the rooms was carried out during the following weeks, so our visitors and volunteers will be welcomed by a warm and comforting ambiance.

December 2007


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