Nature Volunteers - Sri Lanka


D iscover the enchanting and colourful island of Sri Lanka and...                                   

... Relax

at long sandy beaches with shady coconut palms, swim in the warm water of the Indian Ocean, explore the waterworld by boat or catamaran, go snorkelling or scuba-diving and complete your day with a beautiful sunset at the coast.


… Enjoy

the culture of Sri Lanka with its traditional dance performances, magnificent parades ("pereherre"), artistic handicrafts, colourful saris and salvars, aromatic spices, exotic fruits and discover the delicious local cuisine (e.g. rice & curry).


… Visit

the ancient places of the old kingdoms in Sri Lanka in Anuradhapura, gigantic Buddha statues built in stone at Gal Vihara, Polonnaruwa, or the cave drawings in the rocks of Sigiriya. 


… Discover

Sri Lanka's wildlife, like leopards, buffaloes, elephants, monkeys and many endemic birds in one of the six national parks. Explore the native rainforest of Singharaya or witness elephants while there are bathing and the nesting of sea turtles during the night at the beach.


… Be fascinated

by the green covered hills of the tea plantations and waterfalls in the mountain area of Nuwara Eliya or observe the terraced rice and vegetable fields around the enchanting city of Kandy.


... Encounter

the different religions of Sri Lanka - the Buddhism with a visit of the famous "Temple of the Tooth" in Kandy city (with a relic of Buddha's tooth) or one of the other small and large, new and ancient Buddha temples; the Hinduism with a visit of one of the different, colourful and rich decorated Hindu temple, e.g. the Koneswaram temple; the Christianity with a trip to one of the different churches or the Muslims in their traditional mosques.



… Go shopping

at one of the many shopping miles, in small shops or at local markets and bargain a good price for the things you want to buy.


… Meet

a lot of friendly, helpful and kindly smiling Sri Lankans - people who are very interested in your home country, your family and your culture…     


on the beautiful island of Sri Lanka!