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 Which Work suits You?

Do you want to work with children while improving your English? Would you like to be a teacher in a foreign country and help people there? Did you always want to get involved with nature and animal protection? Or maybe you are interested in our backoffice, where you can prove your organisational and business-management skills.
Our volunteering programme offers you the chance to use your individual talents, knowledge and education, according to your individual interests. You can decide yourself which projects you want to support. You can choose between challenges in the fields of teaching, nature conservation, social care, and management. Besides, in most cases tasks of different projects can be combined or you can work for one of our local fellow associations.

Do you have a heart for animals? Then you might join one of the animal projects, which are in cooperation with some of our partner organisations. If you like you can supoort Mrs. Marina and her team with her Dog care clinic in Talpe (near call) - she have about 100 street dogs to care about, castration projects and lot of work. Whatch this small video about the work of the clinic. Or do you feel closer to elefants? Than you might join at the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage (near Kandy). Or would you like to be involved in the Turtle Conservation Project  in the south-west of Sri Lanka?  All projects might be  especially very intersting for vetnerary students or trainees, but also any animal lover. Just find out.                                        

Working on so many projects means: There has to be a good project management. THe projects have to be planned, costs have to be calculated, financial means have to be requested and status reports for our sponsors have to be written. Besides, our backoffice has to deal with the Sri Lankan peculiarities and to solve many problems. Do you want to act as a business represantative of our organisation and work in our project management team? We need your help to manage our volunteering programme and to implement new ideas 


In the scope of our activities for the environment protection, we always benefit from the help of motivated volunteers. In general, we work on the projects all together as a group - teachers, students and volunteers. Environmental activities are mangrove replaning, beach cleaning, reforstration of native trees in the rainforest (with a partner organisation), gardening, environmental education and more.  


Our Social Care program focuses especially on women, children and old age peoples, as they have often less support. Actually, we are working together with a nearby pre-school, helping to teach the kids, practice English, drawing pictures or just playing with them during the interval. Another partner we are supporting is a girls orphanage in Beruwala – teach and practice English with the girls, playing games and sing some songs is a good job. Often they are just happy that we spend some time with them and spend them a smile.


In our Education Development Centre, children from economically disadvantaged families get the possibility to learn English or how to handle a computer. This education is free of charge and increases these families' chances to improve their financial situation. In the scope of the volunteering programme, you assist the teacher and you can even teach a class on your own. Of course we will help you to apply the best teaching methods. Besides, the children and we are always looking forward to seeing new friendly faces and listen to some new ideas for the lessons. 


If you are interested in the diversity of our projects and you want to join in our volunteering programme, simply fill out the application form and send it back to us. You can also download additional information about our projects, the country and other things that are good to know.

We are looking forward to meeting You.