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P reconditions

In general, English is essential. If you have any problems with the language, we can help you to improve your English, but you have to fulfill a certain standard of fluency. Experience with children, office and computer work as well as with organisational duties is useful, but not a must.

Come with open eyes and joy at humanitarian help and the work with new colleagues. There is so much to learn and to explore - make new experiences and discover a new perception of life.

In order to participate our programme, you should be at least 18 years. Beside that, there are no age restrictions - professionals and senior citizens are welcome as well.


 P reparation

It is your first time in Sri Lanka and your first time as a Volunteer?

No problem, we will help you with the preparation (e.g., visa, flight, insurances and immunisations) and give you all the information you need. For experienced volunteers, we provide also relevant new information, e.g. about the political situation or the weather.

If you have any question or doubt, do not hesitate to contact us - at any time.



S tay

Your main working area will be around our main office in Aluthgama. Some projects can be situated in the northern and western areas of Sri Lanka as well as in the highland.

In the Education Development Centre (EDC), there are three double-bedrooms for volunteers and guests. The rooms are in general neat, sheet covers and a mosquito-net will be provided. Kitchen and bathroom can be used by everybody. In some cases, volunteers will be hosted by selected families, mainly if the project area is too far away from the EDC.

Duration of stay
In general, we offer working periods ranging from one to six months, but also short-period stay (one to three weeks) can be arranged. In case you want to stay longer than half a year, please tell us as soon as possible. You need a special visa, which is more expensive and takes more time to be issued.

For a duration up to thirty days, you do not need a special visa. You get the visa automatically at the airport when showing your ticket for the flight back home. For a longer stay up to three months, you should apply for the visa before you leave at the embassy of Sri Lanka in your country. This visa can be extended once for another three months (maximum duration of stay: six months). For a long-term stay, you need a residencial visa, which is expensive and time-consuming.

The working hours
Working hours are eight hours per day, five days a week. The spare time can be used e.g. for travelling, relaxing on the beach or shopping in Colombo. If you stay three months, an additional week of holiday is granted. For detailed information and pictures of the different projects, see projects.

Every volunteer has to pay 340 Euros per month (130 Euros per week of a short-term stay). This charge covers the cost of living as well as the transportation from and to the airport. One quarter of the charge is used for the society's work, especially for the EDC (e.g., the salary of the teachers or the teaching material).

Beside that, the following service ist included: an attestation for the intership with markings (and other documents, if needed) and information and help with the preparation (e.g. visa, flight, insurances, immunisations). We also gladly help with he organisation and booking of tours around Sri Lanka.

Food & drinks
Enjoy the local cuisine of Sri Lanka, e.g. rice and curry. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be prepared for you. Frühstück, Mittag- und Abendessen werden wir für dich zubereiten. In general, it will be local dishes. But you find also fresh fruit, bread and other specialities in our kitchen at every time. We can show you how to prepare the local dishes, but you may also cook whatever you want (e.g. noodles). The kitchen can be used by everybody - we have a fridge, a gas-oven and a microwave.

In Sri Lanka, people drink water and tea with or without milk and with lots of sugar. Since the water from the tap is often contaminated with germs, we boil off or filter the water before drinking. In the shops, you can also buy spring water, coke or juices.



Limitations and Information

In every case, every kind of drugs is strictly prohibited (their possession is illegal and can be cursed with death). Smoking is prohibited inside the building and when there are children around. Alcoholic drinks lika beer are no probem. Strong alcohol like Arrak (a coconut-liquor) maybe consumed from time to time, but as an exception. The overnight stay of friends (of the other sex) in the same sleeping room is not permitted.

General information and facts can also be found on the page "Facts" or can be requested via our contact address. Additional information, e.g. about the working fields or the teaching, can be sent to you in an E-Mail.