Nature Volunteers - Sri Lanka

Who we are

We are an international team consisting of people with different cultures, skin colours and religions - and still we work together because we share a dream:

To help, in harmony with nature, our fellow human beings.

We want to help the people as well as the nature in Sri Lanka and thereby create a sustainable perspective for the future for both of them, nature and humans. In the beginning, we were nothing but a small team with big hopes. But the circle of supporting or actively helping people and friends has grown steadily. In 2005, our association was officially enregistered in Sri Lanka as Nature Conservation Society (NCS). In early 2006, we could inaugurate the Education Development Centre (EDC) in Aluthgama in the southwest of Sri Lanka.



In order to realise our aims, we always need new ideas, new motivation and new advices. That is why we always look forward to meeting new friends, members and volunteers. If you are interested in what we do and want to help the environment and the Sri Lankans, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be very happy to give you further information.


If you are interested in further informations about our society (NCS), our educational centre in Aluthgama (EDC) or our project "Nature Volunteers" (NV), just click below:

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Nature Volunteers

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